上海谷歌创客活动中心建筑设计 / 山水秀建筑事务所


I expect that this building could encourage us to think about positive relevance among human, nature and society.

▼北向外观 View from north  ©苏圣亮 / 是然建筑摄影
上海谷歌创客活动中心建筑设计 / 山水秀建筑事务所

▼水院 Water Courtyard ©苏圣亮 / 是然建筑摄影
上海谷歌创客活动中心建筑设计 / 山水秀建筑事务所


Huaxin office complex locates to the west of Guilin road, with a green land at the south of its entry.  This green land owns 6 old camphor trees and opens to the urban main road — these two facts become the starting point of the design, and hence to lead to two basic strategies of the exhibition center: One is to elevate the main body of building up to second floor in order to maximize the open green space on the ground; Second is to establish an intimate and interactive relationship with 6 trees while protecting them in the site.

▼西北向外观 View from northwest ©苏圣亮 / 是然建筑摄影
上海谷歌创客活动中心建筑设计 / 山水秀建筑事务所

▼香樟树与建筑 Camphors and architecture ©苏圣亮 / 是然建筑摄影
上海谷歌创客活动中心建筑设计 / 山水秀建筑事务所

▼桥下的开放庭院 Open courtyard under bridge ©苏圣亮 / 是然建筑摄影
上海谷歌创客活动中心建筑设计 / 山水秀建筑事务所


The completed building is composed by four independently suspended structures that are linked by bridges.  10 pieces of combined steel and concrete walls support the upper structures, they are all covered by reflective stainless steel panels, which contain all the vertical ducts and reflect the surrounding green environment.  These walls are thus cleared up and help the suspension effect of the upper volumes.  A ground floor atrium is enclosed by transparent glasses in-between three structures.  It introduces sceneries and natural light by all-around transparency and skylight, and makes the spatial interaction between inside and outside.

▼底层架空空间 Ground floor space ©苏圣亮 / 是然建筑摄影
上海谷歌创客活动中心建筑设计 / 山水秀建筑事务所

▼水院 Water Courtyard ©苏圣亮 / 是然建筑摄影
上海谷歌创客活动中心建筑设计 / 山水秀建筑事务所


Approaching second floor through the stair in the atrium, a new spatial order will be unfolded along the path.  Four suspended volumes that were realized by steel trusses stretch themselves horizontally with “Y” or “L” shapes among the old trees.  The twisted and tensioned aluminum strips assembled the translucent walls of these volumes, which present the truss structure in an indistinct way and become containers and boundaries of a series of interior and exterior spaces.  When wandering across these translucent walls, the visitor will alternatively encounter rooms, courtyards, bridges and different sceneries guided by them.  The branches and leafs of the trees traverse the building freely and become touchable friends.

▼桥旁的香樟树 Camphors besides bridge ©苏圣亮 / 是然建筑摄影
上海谷歌创客活动中心建筑设计 / 山水秀建筑事务所

▼波纹扭拉铝条幕墙 Twisted and tensioned aluminum strips facade ©苏圣亮 / 是然建筑摄影
上海谷歌创客活动中心建筑设计 / 山水秀建筑事务所

▼会议室 Meeting Room ©苏圣亮 / 是然建筑摄影
上海谷歌创客活动中心建筑设计 / 山水秀建筑事务所

▼二层茶室Teahouse at 2nd floor ©苏圣亮 / 是然建筑摄影
上海谷歌创客活动中心建筑设计 / 山水秀建筑事务所


Here the structure, its adherent material, and the branches and leafs of trees interweave together to present atmosphere of each space.  It is under the organization of time(or path) that these spaces(room and courtyard) realize an environmental experience where time and space interact.  It is a work collaborated by both architecture and nature.

▼通往水院的桥 Bridge to water courtyard ©苏圣亮 / 是然建筑摄影
上海谷歌创客活动中心建筑设计 / 山水秀建筑事务所

▼水院 Water Courtyard ©苏圣亮 / 是然建筑摄影
上海谷歌创客活动中心建筑设计 / 山水秀建筑事务所

▼石院 Sand Courtyard ©苏圣亮 / 是然建筑摄影
上海谷歌创客活动中心建筑设计 / 山水秀建筑事务所


We might never expectkind feedbacks from nature unless we treat nature in a kind and positive way.  The architecture of 21st century shall not only respond to human’s needs, but also act as a positive media between human and environment.  The essential goal of future architecture is to establish balanced and dynamic relevance among human, nature and society.

▼华鑫中心 The project ©苏圣亮 / 是然建筑摄影
上海谷歌创客活动中心建筑设计 / 山水秀建筑事务所

▼华鑫中心 The project ©苏圣亮 / 是然建筑摄影
上海谷歌创客活动中心建筑设计 / 山水秀建筑事务所

上海谷歌创客活动中心建筑设计 / 山水秀建筑事务所

上海谷歌创客活动中心建筑设计 / 山水秀建筑事务所

上海谷歌创客活动中心建筑设计 / 山水秀建筑事务所

上海谷歌创客活动中心建筑设计 / 山水秀建筑事务所

基地面积:1904 ㎡
业    主:华鑫置业

Project Data
Location: Guiling Road &Yishan Road, XuhuiDistric, Shanghai
Program: Exhibition, science and culture communication, teahouse
Site Area: 1904 ㎡
GFA: 730 ㎡
Design/Built: 2012/2013
Design Team: Zhu xiaofeng, Ding penghua, Caimian
Client:China fortune properties
Structure Design:Greenland Steel Structure
Landscape Design: Geography Landscape Company
Structure System:SRC, steel truss
Main Materials: mirror finish stainless steel, twisted &tensioned aluminum strip, transparent and fritted glass, solid and perforated aluminum panel, gravel, water
Photographer: Su Shengliang/SchranImage Studio


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