武汉金辉江樾云著 景观设计 / 魏玛景观


When you mention Wuhan, you will think of the river. When the wind blows, the river fluctuates and waves surge. The summer wind is cool at the beginning. The eyes are full of dark green, bluestone roads and gray lattice windows. The scenery melts into the continuous green mountains. Birds leap between the forest tops with clear and pleasant calls.

Project overview

武汉金辉江樾云著 景观设计 /  魏玛景观


As an immersive park of Jinhui brand, we hope that Jiang Yueyun’s landscape presentation is not only reflected in the objects, but more importantly, it has content, vitality, and interaction, and can provide moving memories for the owners living in it. Make full use of the limit design, and use the simple line language within the limited cost to create an elegant living space. The design is based on the research on the characteristics of the project site, starting from the living origin of oriental aesthetics, laying out the artistic conception in the space, taking the needs of the owner as the first design element, restoring the true nature of life, and returning to the original intention of the design.


In order to provide residents with a natural and comfortable living experience. This case fully excavates the rich cultural connotation of Wuhan. The landscape design integrates the elements of culture and artistic conception. With forest dwelling as the link, mountains and rivers as the language, combined with the needs of modern human settlements, a kind of residential elegant garden with modern community functions is created. Taking health and humanistic care as the main body, it will open a new chapter of livable life in Wuhan, and create a healthy, well-equipped, and enjoyable community.

Design presentation

武汉金辉江樾云著 景观设计 /  魏玛景观


The spatial layout is: entrance landscape — children’s activities — landscape axis — fitness venue — entry space. Lines extract the art form of mountains, rivers and clouds, focusing on the central landscape and the building of a sense of ritual and belonging for entering the house, creating a noble space with alternating opening and closing. And what children’s activity area pays more attention to is the construction of cheerful and joyful atmosphere. At the same time, the landscape space is also a place of educational significance. The design of the moving line at home coincides with that of the traveling line, so as to create a rich community cultural landscape.

A: 迎宾门楼
Welcome gatehouse

Here is the first visual interface to welcome guests, is the first order of returning home.

武汉金辉江樾云著 景观设计 /  魏玛景观


The whole magnificent entrance area shows the solemn and noble sense of the main entrance landscape. The architectural style of the gate adheres to the main body of the residential building — modern simplicity and calm atmosphere. The details of the door design work, as a whole to home customers a minimalist and light luxury feeling. The characteristic plant on both sides of collocation gave owner a kind of comfortable warm feeling again.

B: 惬意归家
Comfortable home


Just hear the captain of the porch, and see his teeth cut high
After the arrival of the gallery space
Suddenly, light and shadow dance between the trees

武汉金辉江樾云著 景观设计 /  魏玛景观


The flowers and leaves are luxuriant, green and different. A rainbow like smooth curve and a corridor bridge make people slow down and stop in the form of passing through space. The control of design is not only the landing of the scheme and the integration of landscape configuration, but also the finishing touch of sculpture on the landscape.

C: 消防登高面设计
Fire climbing surface design


The fire climbing area has been built into an activity area for adult fitness, with colorful running and jumping areas and finished sports framework to fully meet the needs of fitness at all ages. Next to the rest of the seat, with dense plant groups to give customers a comfortable after exercise space. Bring customers slow and peaceful rhythm of life.

武汉金辉江樾云著 景观设计 /  魏玛景观

武汉金辉江樾云著 景观设计 /  魏玛景观

武汉金辉江樾云著 景观设计 /  魏玛景观


The carefully selected weightless equipment in the warm-up area can bring residents cooperation, competition and family sports experience.

D: 儿童活动场地
Children’s playground


We wanted to create a home in a park;
There should be thematic public Spaces that address the social needs of surrounding residents;
Children’s functions and family activities are also a focus;

武汉金辉江樾云著 景观设计 /  魏玛景观

武汉金辉江樾云著 景观设计 /  魏玛景观


Because the space is continuous with the building, the children’s activity area continues the light curve system. In terms of color selection, it mainly focuses on broad blue to create the activity feeling of running in the park. It is matched with a large area of micro terrain site and alloy Xiaorui theme IP to form a brand interactive activity space. The column also echoes the streamlined and lightweight design posture. The spatial interface formed by the corridor connects the activity site. While digesting the height difference, it allows nature and space to permeate each other, so that children can get full contact with the natural environment.

武汉金辉江樾云著 景观设计 /  魏玛景观

Playful floor installations and sea-inspired floor patterns also inspire creativity and imagination among children and adults alike.

武汉金辉江樾云著 景观设计 /  魏玛景观


The residential groups on the north and south sides form a happy world suitable for children of all ages. The theme is the ocean, with the characteristic framework of whales. The colorful plastic on the ground and the undulating and rhythmic terrain create a unique enclosed space for children to play in. The slide, bunker and climbing equipment designed in combination with the terrain enable children who prefer challenges to find their own fun. Around the children’s playground, we are equipped with leisure and communication seats to meet the use needs of guardians here and make children play safer with adults.

武汉金辉江樾云著 景观设计 /  魏玛景观

武汉金辉江樾云著 景观设计 /  魏玛景观

Playful ground devices and ground patterns full of ocean atmosphere also stimulate the creativity and imagination of children and adults.

武汉金辉江樾云著 景观设计 /  魏玛景观


The purpose of building children’s paradise is to enable adults and children to concentrate on feeling childlike innocence, so that people can make time to return to childlike innocence and nature as much as possible. This is why our city needs a park like place to live, because space makes us get rid of crazy repetitive work affairs and is a place for people to relax. We are also bringing the comfortable atmosphere of children’s interest in the park into the project in a relaxed way.

武汉金辉江樾云著 景观设计 /  魏玛景观

武汉金辉江樾云著 景观设计 /  魏玛景观

武汉金辉江樾云著 景观设计 /  魏玛景观


Echoing the ritual feeling of the region, the symmetrical plant lanes on both sides of the garden road and the end view at the end form the noble feeling between walking, and the clean shrubs and paving materials form the mood of returning home.

E: 臻享归家
Enjoy home


The landscape in front of the standard entrance is combined with the atmosphere of the entrance of the building itself. An open entrance platform is set in front, and the characteristic plant groups are matched on both sides. The center is a plastic hedge bush, with a striking logo behind it, so as to enhance the sense of home experience, which makes people feel more formal, solemn and highly ceremonial.

武汉金辉江樾云著 景观设计 /  魏玛景观

武汉金辉江樾云著 景观设计 /  魏玛景观

武汉金辉江樾云著 景观设计 /  魏玛景观


Here, we strive tobuild a dialogue between man and space, a fusion of space and life. Under thedust forest, the light and shadow mottled roadway unfolds like a painting axis.The branches are used as paintbrushes, and the light and shadow graffitiarbitrarily over time. When midnight comes, insects sing and birds sing, rainand dew tick, light smoke and drizzle There is nothing but beauty.

F: 地库入户大堂
Basement entrance lobby

武汉金辉江樾云著 景观设计 /  魏玛景观

武汉金辉江樾云著 景观设计 /  魏玛景观


The design of basement entrance lobby is more of a shaping of home atmosphere. The image of art and aesthetics museum is put into the community life to bring aesthetic enjoyment to the owners when they return home. The management form of basement entrance lobby adopts the form of swiping card, which can effectively prevent tailing and ensure the safety of the community; A convenient information bar is arranged next to the lobby to care for and serve the owner in subtle places.

武汉金辉江樾云著 景观设计 /  魏玛景观


Nature and artificiality merge in Jiangyue cloud, where primitive and exquisite collide and merge, so that people who are used to the noise of the city can be exposed to it, which can stimulate the instinct of the first-line senses, return to spiritual experience and regain the fun of exquisite life. It can give customers multi-dimensional life perception even if they stay at home. The landscape enhances the sense of experience for the site, increases the sense of participation for the neighbors and increases the happiness for the owners. Strive to create a simple, gentle and quiet ideal living space in people’s hearts.



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