沈阳华润 润溪山·创新公园 景观设计 / 里表都会


SincetheCOVID-19pandemic swept the world in 2020, every urban park in acity has become particularly precious. Therefore, urban parks shouldnotonly focus oncreatingaesthetic value, but also onshaping new life scenes. Fromthe perspective of the landscape, thedesigner aimsto create an urban park shared by the community in the future with anopen attitude, opening up the lifestyle of amodern urban park.


Our design aims to meetpeople’s real expectations of life, so we have created the innovative park that integratesurban art space, three-dimensional landscape, and child-friendly facilities.Innovative Park focuses on the creation of life scenes,  which is our gift to the future.

Site investigation


The site is located in Hunnan Xincheng district,Shenyang, with rich educational resources around, but shortage in transportation, supporting facilities as well asparks. Thus the park as an alternative public space means a lot to the city,its intention is to allow citizens to reintegrate into the nature of the city.From the perspective of the community, it forms a linkage with the residentialarea, so that people can enjoy the fun of this space in a busy city.

沈阳华润 润溪山·创新公园 景观设计 /  里表都会



1. How to makeuse ofthe super-longdisplay interface from the city levelto improvevisibility and stimulate the vitality of the site?

2. The entire site is barren outside, with a height difference of about 4M between the insideand outside. How to take advantage of the terrain to enrich the sceneexperience of the space?

3. How to connect the park and the residential area,and what role does the landscape play in it?



1. Break the boundary and form a semi-open softboundary with the intervention of plants to realize the flow and penetration ofspace.

2. Make use of the height difference to create aleisure platform, allowing people to move down in a natural state. Thelandscape bridge forms an interesting U-shaped space, creating  rich site perception.

3. The construction of integrated landscapescenes is presented in a way that is more suitable for modern residentialenvironment.

沈阳华润 润溪山·创新公园 景观设计 /  里表都会
鸟瞰图Aerial View

Urban interface-activate the visual focus with the urbaninterface


“Starting fromthe city corner, the design activates the visual focus by creating the urbaninterface through sculptures. The open square shortens the distance of thecitizens, which shows the obviousness and reflects the meaning of city landmarks. The presentation of the three sculpturesis a gift to the city and the scene is passed to the citizens.

沈阳华润 润溪山·创新公园 景观设计 /  里表都会

沈阳华润 润溪山·创新公园 景观设计 /  里表都会

沈阳华润 润溪山·创新公园 景观设计 /  里表都会

Tour in the Valley-a space with interestingheight difference


The charm ofthe innovative park is not an eye-catching and fascinating design, but thenatural transition of space by shaping the terrain. This compound sunken squarebrings more possibilities to life and becomes a shared stage for citizens toparticipate. The design team used the natural height difference of the site toreturn nature to the people in the city in an imaginative way.


With regard tothe application of forms, designers abstract the formsof people and places, and integrate itinto design, creating a penetratingspace for interconnected activities.

沈阳华润 润溪山·创新公园 景观设计 /  里表都会

沈阳华润 润溪山·创新公园 景观设计 /  里表都会

沈阳华润 润溪山·创新公园 景观设计 /  里表都会

沈阳华润 润溪山·创新公园 景观设计 /  里表都会

Colorful gift boxes-gifts for children

Not for taking pictures, but for life.


The designaims tomeet people’s expectations of life, designer make use of the height difference of the site itself, and combine the bridge to take advantage ofthetrend, form an enclosed double-layer space, thus create an independent children’sactivity area. The embedding of gift box elements makes each small scene bringdifferent surprises to children, creating a children’s experience space withthe ultimate experience. The gift box stimulates children’s imagination andproduces different ways of participation. The interactive terrain slidesand bright lights accompanied by children’s laughter,makingthe activity arealike a dream paradise.

沈阳华润 润溪山·创新公园 景观设计 /  里表都会

沈阳华润 润溪山·创新公园 景观设计 /  里表都会

沈阳华润 润溪山·创新公园 景观设计 /  里表都会

沈阳华润 润溪山·创新公园 景观设计 /  里表都会

沈阳华润 润溪山·创新公园 景观设计 /  里表都会

The high quality axis-dialogue with nature


Creating a silent path in thisarea, which is enclosed by the functional scenes on both sides.A space full of greenery. Thedesign of the gentle slope creates the spatial feeling of the natural valley.The designer hopes to create exquisite moving line planning and differentlandscape experience for the owners, and create the dialogue betweennature and modernity, space and life through the continuation of sight and thechange of landscape, and finally deduce it into the present appearance.

沈阳华润 润溪山·创新公园 景观设计 /  里表都会

沈阳华润 润溪山·创新公园 景观设计 /  里表都会

沈阳华润 润溪山·创新公园 景观设计 /  里表都会

城市书房—— 元素之间的张力相互碰撞与包容
Urban house-the tensionbetween the elements collides and embraces each other


The sales office and the landscape present a refined andmodern, soft and incisive site temperament. Salesand display are no longer the only functions of the demonstration area. Instead, restoring the essence and experience of life and realizingthe original authenticity of the landscape become the main goals at the moment.


Themetal elements on both sides of the road create a sense of luxury in a modernurban city. The gradual change holes and lighting on the metal plates perfectlycombine modern technology with urban art aesthetics.

沈阳华润 润溪山·创新公园 景观设计 /  里表都会

沈阳华润 润溪山·创新公园 景观设计 /  里表都会

沈阳华润 润溪山·创新公园 景观设计 /  里表都会

The pontoon bridge-exposure to the most originalnature in the forest


For the gallery bridge that “travels” inthe colorful leaf forest, at the beginning of the design, it was hoped that thesecond floor of the sales office and the valley under the gallery bridge wouldform a double-layered space landscape system. Being in the woods, people canenjoy the extremely comfortable natural landscape and feel the beauty ofnature, as well as bring nature and publicity back to the community and life.

沈阳华润 润溪山·创新公园 景观设计 /  里表都会

沈阳华润 润溪山·创新公园 景观设计 /  里表都会

Garden lawn-blend art into nature andnature into life


At the forestplatform, feeling the lazy leisure time is the interpretation of the living conditionsof the users. Designer hopes to catch a glimpse of the shadow of future life inevery inch. Paying attention to people’s participation and feelings, designercreates an experience space that can gather more people to communicate.

沈阳华润 润溪山·创新公园 景观设计 /  里表都会


“Innovation Park” is a kind of emotional condensing,designer turns ideals into reality, and ultimately give back to the people inthe city. This fulfillment makes “innovation” itself substantialsignificance.

项目名称:沈阳华润 | 润溪山·创新公园
LOCATION/地理位置: 沈阳市浑南区
LANDSCAPE AREA/景观面积: 约30000㎡
COMPLETION/完工时间: 2021.9


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