上海平金中心展示中心建筑设计 / 骏地设计

上海平金中心展示中心建筑设计 / 骏地设计
上海,闵行 Minhang, Shanghai



Shanghai Pingjin Center, located in Qixin Road Business District, enjoys a superior geographical position, right near Qixin Road Station of Metro Line 12 and only 7.7 kilometers away from Hongqiao Airport. The overall project that integrates high-quality offices and fashion blocks together, turns to be a new landmark in Shanghai, with complete functions, exquisite environment, and rich space.

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上海平金中心展示中心建筑设计 / 骏地设计


The exhibition center is close to Gudai Road, covering an area of about 700 square meters, with a construction area of nearly 470 square meters. As a city card for the complex project, it not only possesses the basic functions of sales and displays, but also stands out in the appearance.

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上海平金中心展示中心建筑设计 / 骏地设计

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上海平金中心展示中心建筑设计 / 骏地设计

上海平金中心展示中心建筑设计 / 骏地设计


Inspired by the Vansworth House designed by Mies van der Rohe, the individual building is composed of two enclosed spaces, the one behind the other. With the glass boxes attached to the façade, itcreates open, free-flowing spaces such as aisles and sand tables.

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上海平金中心展示中心建筑设计 / 骏地设计


A full-transparent glass box looks like a warm, bright lamp inlaid on Qixin Road when it glows totally. The interior display space is clear,exquisite, and artistic, within which the staff and visitors swim slowly likefish, happening to constitute a painting with pedestrians on the road.

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上海平金中心展示中心建筑设计 / 骏地设计

上海平金中心展示中心建筑设计 / 骏地设计


The spatial function of the first floor includes the projection hall, VIP reception, restroom, etc., and the second floor contains the office and banquet hall.

▼主要功能 Main Function
上海平金中心展示中心建筑设计 / 骏地设计


The building materials are mainly aluminum plates, glass, and stones. The dark roof and floor match with the large-area glass wall and two huge full-height wooden pillars with traces of memories like annual rings. Every inch of groove and every foot of bulge is an ingenious tribute to the nature, and introducesapurity to this noisy city.

▼廊柱 Pillars
上海平金中心展示中心建筑设计 / 骏地设计

细细的金属柱子擎起一片屋檐,一池春水倒映建筑,魔都掩映在点点星光里,这正是我们正要追求的意境。建筑两侧的水池作为景观缓冲带, 清晰地将建筑与人行道分隔开来。水中的倒影与建筑相连, 模糊了强烈的分隔感。

In addition, thin metal pillars lift a roof,a pool of spring water reflects the building, and the magic city is hidden in starlight, which is exactly what we are trying to pursue. Moreover, the wateron both sides as a landscape buffer clearly separates the building from the sidewalk. Ingeniously, the reflection in the water is connected to the building, blurring the sense of separation.

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上海平金中心展示中心建筑设计 / 骏地设计


The main entrance is set up with a raised platform, forming a level difference with the exterior, so that the waterscape canextend under the platform, thus creating a scene where the glass box floats on the water.

▼主入口水景 Water Feature
上海平金中心展示中心建筑设计 / 骏地设计


Stepping into the glazed door, you will feel that exquisiteness exuded from the lattice metal screen against the light. From the interior to the exterior, the partition is completely broken, allowing the indoor space to blend perfectly with nature.

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上海平金中心展示中心建筑设计 / 骏地设计

上海平金中心展示中心建筑设计 / 骏地设计


Turn left from the reception counter, and walk along the glass curtain wall that shows the introduction of this project, you can savor the commercial complex, the city’s habitat with the goal of building a three-dimensional park. In brief, letting life return to nature and the simplicity feed the soul is the sincerest cry for space aesthetics in this era.

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上海平金中心展示中心建筑设计 / 骏地设计

上海平金中心展示中心建筑设计 / 骏地设计


Sit in the cozy tearoom to experience an agreeable life. Inside the window are some gadgets, multifarious saucers on along table. Outside are thin black bamboos which can make you calm.

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上海平金中心展示中心建筑设计 / 骏地设计

上海平金中心展示中心建筑设计 / 骏地设计


Living in such a pleasant environment with both bamboos and meat, you may climb by steps to the second floor to overlook the bustling crowd through the fine French windows of two-palmwidth. Then open the door, and a round table for more than ten people,various tableware and accessories tinted with autumn colors, are waiting for you.

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上海平金中心展示中心建筑设计 / 骏地设计

上海平金中心展示中心建筑设计 / 骏地设计


By design, the connection of modern art and natural aesthetics has brought life back to rusticity, turning the Pingjin Center to be a distinctive landscape in Qixin Road Business District.

▼一层平面图 First Floor Plan
上海平金中心展示中心建筑设计 / 骏地设计

▼二层平面图 Second Floor Plan
上海平金中心展示中心建筑设计 / 骏地设计

▼东立面图 East Elevation
上海平金中心展示中心建筑设计 / 骏地设计

▼南立面图 South Elevation
上海平金中心展示中心建筑设计 / 骏地设计

设计/建成时间:2018 / 2020
建筑、室内 & 软装采购、景观设计:
设计团队(室内 & 软装采购):丁甫、郭亚军、杨佳妮、齐雅静

Project Information:
Owner Name: PinXin Real Estate.
Location: Minhang, Shanghai
Design Area: 470㎡
Design / Built Year:2018 / 2020
Architecture 、Interior & FFE 、 Landscape Design: Shanghai JUND Architects Co., Ltd.
PIC: Jason Hu
Project Director: Hua Huang
Design Director: Lei Wang , McLisa Zhang
Project Manager: Gary Zhu
Team Members(Architecture): Chao Yu,YumengJi, Wenqing Sun,TingtingGuo
Team Members(Interior & FFE ): Fu Ding, YajunGuo, Jiani Yang, Yajing Qi
Team Members(Landscape): Fuyu Yang, Qiang Li, Shuai Yang


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