太子湾壹栈人才公寓一期 建筑设计 / 悉地国际21设计工作室&深圳市局内设计咨询有限公司

太子湾壹栈人才公寓一期  建筑设计 / 悉地国际21设计工作室&深圳市局内设计咨询有限公司

Prince Bay Habitat One Apartment



Prince Bay Habitat One Apartment is located in Prince Bay, ShekouPort, Nanshan District, Shenzhen. The apartment owns diverse landscaperesources at the planning of ocean and mountain corridor and commercialdevelopment axis.


The urban development is inseparable from the promotion oftalents. The rising price of housing and cost of living have caused a largenumber of talents to drain. And people`s sense of belonging to the city hasgradually weakened. Thus, the plan of houses for talents has been emerged. Inthe extensive era, indemnificatory apartment’s project are not closelyintegrated with surrounding cities and often lack community features due tolack of public functions. Different from ordinary residential projects, the talentapartment has the typical characteristics of residential public constructions.A series of city-oriented service facilities are set up to make it not only aliving space, but also a source of urban vitality, a unit of talent innovationand a communication place of creativity and energy.


According to the previous content, designers hope to create adiversified community for the target population of the apartment–young urbanwhite-collar workers based on comprehend of the future urban apartment, andinject a vibrant place for talents gathering in the district.

太子湾壹栈人才公寓一期  建筑设计 / 悉地国际21设计工作室&深圳市局内设计咨询有限公司
Habitat One Apartment in the light of thesunset/Photographer: Tianpei Zeng

Planning Strategy


The design teamadheres to the concept of “Respecting the City and Being Close toNature”, hoping to encourage the occurrence of public life within acontrollable range, and create a harmonious and unified urban life for users inthe busy work rhythm. The design team respected the planning concept of theGarden City in the Prince Bay area, followed the original spatial texture,urban scale and planning layout of the area, and arranged the buildings in adislocation, so that it formed an enclosing relationship with the adjacentbuildings. The semi-enclosed building creates a private and natural courtyardin the high-density urban community, providing residents with a public placefor leisure, entertainment and interaction.

太子湾壹栈人才公寓一期  建筑设计 / 悉地国际21设计工作室&深圳市局内设计咨询有限公司
Aerial view photo of HabitatOne Apartment /Photographer: Tianpei Zeng

太子湾壹栈人才公寓一期  建筑设计 / 悉地国际21设计工作室&深圳市局内设计咨询有限公司

Architectural Design

1.   城市氛围 City atmosphere


Different fromordinary residential projects, the talent apartment aims to create ahigh-quality, safe, comfortable, convenient, and belonging living environmentfor residents. Based on a utopian ideal of life, the team intends to create alifestyle that combines urban experience and personal ideal life in a moderncity. Therefore, how to maximize urban life in the residential environment andhow to balance the boundaries between open space and private space are the entrypoints of the design.

太子湾壹栈人才公寓一期  建筑设计 / 悉地国际21设计工作室&深圳市局内设计咨询有限公司
Connection between theapartment and surrounding area /Photographer: Tianpei Zeng


The commerciallayout along the street brings commercial vitality to the district. A passageis opened in the middle of the commercial podium to form two commercialdistricts. Commercial area A provides full external services to provideconvenience for the residents, while area B interacts with the courtyard toenhance the quality of living. Roof gardens are set up on the podium to echothe internal courtyard.

太子湾壹栈人才公寓一期  建筑设计 / 悉地国际21设计工作室&深圳市局内设计咨询有限公司

太子湾壹栈人才公寓一期  建筑设计 / 悉地国际21设计工作室&深圳市局内设计咨询有限公司
Commercial podium renderingand plan

太子湾壹栈人才公寓一期  建筑设计 / 悉地国际21设计工作室&深圳市局内设计咨询有限公司
Ground Floor Plan

太子湾壹栈人才公寓一期  建筑设计 / 悉地国际21设计工作室&深圳市局内设计咨询有限公司
Top view of the roof garden/Photographer: Tianpei Zeng


In order tocreate a comfortable and natural living community and a high-quality gardencity life for residents, combined with the climate characteristics of thesouth, the design team used “borrowed, framed, and opposed”techniques to create landscapes. The entrance of the apartment lobby opens to thecourtyard, forming a gray space, making the lobby space and courtyard landscapeinterpenetrate and echo each other. Through the planning of landscapecirculation, the garden landscape is extended to the commercial roof andoverhead floor, making the space level rich. Designers open the landscapecorridor to connect the later land to form a private and natural sharedcourtyard, providing residents a public space for interactive communication.

太子湾壹栈人才公寓一期  建筑设计 / 悉地国际21设计工作室&深圳市局内设计咨询有限公司

太子湾壹栈人才公寓一期  建筑设计 / 悉地国际21设计工作室&深圳市局内设计咨询有限公司

太子湾壹栈人才公寓一期  建筑设计 / 悉地国际21设计工作室&深圳市局内设计咨询有限公司
Private and natural sharedgarden /Photographer: Tianpei Zeng

2.   立面设计  FacadeDesign

The tower facadeis uniform and modern, using a small amount of silver-gray and light-grayaluminum plates, supplemented by blue-gray glass, and gray coating to form aminimalist structural rhythm of black, white and gray. By emphasizing verticalmembers and breaking the homogenized grid, a simple and modern facade isnaturally completed.

太子湾壹栈人才公寓一期  建筑设计 / 悉地国际21设计工作室&深圳市局内设计咨询有限公司

太子湾壹栈人才公寓一期  建筑设计 / 悉地国际21设计工作室&深圳市局内设计咨询有限公司

太子湾壹栈人才公寓一期  建筑设计 / 悉地国际21设计工作室&深圳市局内设计咨询有限公司
Apartment facade /Photographer: TianpeiZeng

3.   室内空间规划  InteriorPlanning


In the early partof the proposal, the team fully considered the living habits and space needs ofthe apartment main users—youth and white-collar workers. From the users`experience, and arranging each living function in a compact and orderly manner.The survey results show that the importance of modern urban white-collarworkers to residential functions and the frequency of use are in the order ofbedroom ≥ storage ≥ bathroom ≥ study ≥living room ≥ dining room. Therefore, in the smallfamily design with one-bedroom apartment as the main part of the project,combining the bedroom with the study function, appropriately reducing the areaof the living room, and combining the use of the open kitchen to maximize theuser’s living habits. In the spatial design, the combination of fixed furnitureand mobile deformed furniture maximizes the use of space. The family-typeproducts adopt full-light design, natural lighting and ventilation, and thecombination of different colors of soft and hard decoration and indoormaterials to create a warm and comfortable living atmosphere.

太子湾壹栈人才公寓一期  建筑设计 / 悉地国际21设计工作室&深圳市局内设计咨询有限公司

太子湾壹栈人才公寓一期  建筑设计 / 悉地国际21设计工作室&深圳市局内设计咨询有限公司
Interior design photo/Photographer: Tianpei Zeng

太子湾壹栈人才公寓一期  建筑设计 / 悉地国际21设计工作室&深圳市局内设计咨询有限公司
Standard Floor Plan


In addition tocreate a living space suitable for white-collar workers in a modern city,considering the residents’ demands for communication, the apartment reservesspace for future upgrades and optimization.Thepreparatory facilities include a multi-functional communication hall, a gym,public laundry, and a public supporting space in the roof garden. These publicspaces will improve living conditions, become a communication link betweenresidents, and bring more joy to the boring urban life.

太子湾壹栈人才公寓一期  建筑设计 / 悉地国际21设计工作室&深圳市局内设计咨询有限公司
Apartment lobby /Photographer:Tianpei Zeng

ProjectName: Prince Bay Habitat One Apartment Phase I
Functions:Apartment, Commercial
Address:Prince Bay, Shekou Port, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
Client:Prince Bay Leiyi Estate (Shenzhen) Ltd.
Design andCompletion Year: 2016 & 2019
Area: 34877.47㎡
ArchitectureFirm: Studio 21@CCDI Group & Shenzhen iNgAmE Office Ltd
Lead Architects:Wang Lang & Zhang Zhiyang
ArchitecturalDesign Team: Wang Lang, Zhang Chao, Lin Jia
Façade DesignTeam: Wang Lang, Qin Wei, Zhang Chao, Lin Jia
Landscape DesignTeam: Shenzhen iNgAmE Office Ltd
Interior DesignTeam: Shenzhen Blue Moon Design
Curtain WallDesign: CBS Facade


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