柳沈律师事务所室内办公空间 室内改造设计 / CCDI 智室内设计


This project is an indoor office renovation project of Liushen Intellectual Property. The owner is committed to providing global clients with professional and comprehensive legal services in the field of intellectual property, and is one of the Chinese intellectual property law firms widely recognized by leading domestic and foreign companies.

01 新与旧,改造要点 Design conditions

▼项目区位 location
柳沈律师事务所室内办公空间  室内改造设计 / CCDI 智室内设计


The office space is located in an office building in Haidian District, Beijing. The scope of the project transformation is mainly the reception layer of the law firm, with client reception, conference and staff training functions as the main focus. Due to the constraints of the standard floor space of the office building, the focus of the renovation cannot be discussed in general terms in terms of “form”.


The reception floor space before the renovation presents the “order” and “serious” style of the traditional law firm. In addition, the space layout is too closed and lacks light, and the overall atmosphere is relatively depressing.

▼项目改造前现场Photos before project renovation
柳沈律师事务所室内办公空间  室内改造设计 / CCDI 智室内设计


Based on this, the owner hopes to effectively increase the space utilization rate through renovation and increase the meeting function area as much as possible. The focus of this design is around the key requirements of “light” and “function”.

02 光与调,是以为序 Light


——《属于所有人的场所》 理查德·罗杰斯

Architects are both scientists and artists, solving problems in three dimensions,using structure and materials to create scale and humanise space, capture the play of light and shadows, and make an aesthetic impact.

——《A Place for All People》 Richard George Rogers


At the beginning of design, how to better adjust the layout and maximize the penetration of natural light sources into the internal space under the original building layout and window opening conditions has become the primary focus of the discussion of the renovation plan.


The original space layout plan of the project consists of the reception area, guest lounge area and 6 meeting rooms. The windows on the north and south and east sides are the main entrances for natural light in the overall space. Since the lawyer industry has high requirements for privacy in the process of handling client cases, the original space separation methods are mainly thick solid walls, which greatly restricts the penetration range of natural light.

▼项目改造前光照分析Lighting analysis before project renovation
柳沈律师事务所室内办公空间  室内改造设计 / CCDI 智室内设计

▼项目改造后光照分析Lighting analysis after project renovation
柳沈律师事务所室内办公空间  室内改造设计 / CCDI 智室内设计


Starting from the site conditions, the designer penetrated the natural light source through the design deduction, and replaced the original solid partition wall with transparent glass partitions, reconstructed the functional layout of the entire reception floor, and eliminated the sense of enclosed space in the original space.


After fully considering the intervention of light, the renovated space opens a visual light box for users, creating a brighter light environment for the entrance elevator hall, reception area, and corridors in the area.

▼入口接待区Reception area
柳沈律师事务所室内办公空间  室内改造设计 / CCDI 智室内设计

▼入口电梯厅Elevator hall
柳沈律师事务所室内办公空间  室内改造设计 / CCDI 智室内设计


In the choice of materials, the designer used a large number of hollow metal panels in the decorative partitions of the entrance reception area and the east side tea room to create a sense of transparency in the space. The “s”-shaped golden folded surface, which symbolizes the initials of the owner, falls slowly like an elegant curtain, opening the curtain of light.

▼金色序幕-镂空折面Folded metal sheet
柳沈律师事务所室内办公空间  室内改造设计 / CCDI 智室内设计

柳沈律师事务所室内办公空间  室内改造设计 / CCDI 智室内设计

柳沈律师事务所室内办公空间  室内改造设计 / CCDI 智室内设计

柳沈律师事务所室内办公空间  室内改造设计 / CCDI 智室内设计

▼走廊通道GIF Corridor
柳沈律师事务所室内办公空间  室内改造设计 / CCDI 智室内设计


In addition, considering the seriousness and high pressure of lawyers’ work, the tone of the reception floor space is mainly designed with soft and textured warm colors. On the one hand, it reflects the “reliability” of professional attributes, and on the other hand, it abandons the stereotyped and serious industry impression to make the space more Simple and youthful. It also aims to create a relaxed working atmosphere through the coordination of light and space.

03 界与线,功能重组 Function


Different from the general industry attributes, the main business of the owner is intellectual property legal cases, which often involve multiple dispute cases at the same time, and the demand for online meetings & court sessions often arises. In the face of the extremely strong functional attributes of “communication”, the demand for small and medium-sized independent meeting areas is the functional core of this design.


Among the 6 meeting rooms in the original space, the meeting function area is larger and the utilization rate is lower, resulting in a waste of space, which no longer meets the daily work requirements of the owner.

▼改造前功能分析GIF Function analysis before transformation
柳沈律师事务所室内办公空间  室内改造设计 / CCDI 智室内设计


Based on the meeting needs of the owner, the designer transformed the space into a training room that can accommodate 48 people, a large conference room that can accommodate 18 people, and 7 small and medium-sized conference rooms that can accommodate 6-12 people.

▼空间动线分析GIF Analysis diagram of spatial dynamics
柳沈律师事务所室内办公空间  室内改造设计 / CCDI 智室内设计

▼空间行为分析(GIF) Analysis diagram of spatial behavior
柳沈律师事务所室内办公空间  室内改造设计 / CCDI 智室内设计


Each meeting room adopts atomized glass that can be adjusted freely according to meeting needs, and is equipped with a partition system with excellent sound insulation performance to ensure the sound privacy and visual privacy in the meeting room, and meet the privacy requirements of case handling in the work process.

▼大型培训室 Large training room
柳沈律师事务所室内办公空间  室内改造设计 / CCDI 智室内设计

▼大会议室 Large meeting room
柳沈律师事务所室内办公空间  室内改造设计 / CCDI 智室内设计

柳沈律师事务所室内办公空间  室内改造设计 / CCDI 智室内设计

▼中/小型会议室 Small/medium meeting room
柳沈律师事务所室内办公空间  室内改造设计 / CCDI 智室内设计

▼会议室雾化玻璃变换效果GIF Conversion effect of atomized glass in meeting room
柳沈律师事务所室内办公空间  室内改造设计 / CCDI 智室内设计


In addition to receiving customers from outside, small and medium-sized meeting rooms are often used for internal staff training and meetings. The design adds the opening and closing of the ceiling partition in this space, which promotes the variability of the use of small and medium-sized meeting rooms.

Medium/small meeting rooms: add a ceiling partition, which can be combined into one or used as two small meeting rooms separately

柳沈律师事务所室内办公空间  室内改造设计 / CCDI 智室内设计

▼小型会议室Small meeting room
柳沈律师事务所室内办公空间  室内改造设计 / CCDI 智室内设计

柳沈律师事务所室内办公空间  室内改造设计 / CCDI 智室内设计

原有休息区及卫生间也根据动线优化进行了相应调整: 重新划分入口接待区东侧为茶水间,紧邻接待区,日常可服务客户等待区,也可用于律所内员工日常的非正式会议、下午茶活动等共享空间。

The original rest area and toilet are adjusted and optimized according to the movement of people in the space: The east side of the entrance reception area is re-divided as a pantry, next to the reception area, which can serve customers in the waiting area daily, and can also be used for employees in the law firm Daily informal meetings, afternoon tea activities and other shared spaces.

▼茶水间,室内墙壁采用了模拟天光设计 Pantry
柳沈律师事务所室内办公空间  室内改造设计 / CCDI 智室内设计

柳沈律师事务所室内办公空间  室内改造设计 / CCDI 智室内设计

柳沈律师事务所室内办公空间  室内改造设计 / CCDI 智室内设计


The only functional area of the toilet within the scope of the renovation was built-in from the original meeting room by the designer, and was transformed from the original shared integrated into a gender-separated design, providing customers and employees with a more humanized space experience.

柳沈律师事务所室内办公空间  室内改造设计 / CCDI 智室内设计

柳沈律师事务所室内办公空间  室内改造设计 / CCDI 智室内设计


As a newly-added office renovation project of the Zhizhi team, this design has also tried to change the perspective on the basis of satisfying the demands of the owners, thinking from the dimensions of the high-pressure and serious office environment of the lawyer industry, using soft materials and friendly scales to create a brighter, warmer and more humanized office reception meeting scene for customers.

设计单位:CCDI悉地国际 卝智室内设计
项目设计 & 竣工时间:2020.11-2021.10

Project name:Interior Design of Liushen Law Firm Office Space
Designed:CCDI Beijing Interior Design Center
Contact e-mail:GWdesign@yeah.net
Design year & Completion Year:2020.11-2021.10
Leader designer & Team:Leader designer: Li Zhiyu
Team: Pu Yuzhen, Sun Ruixue, Ma Yiming, Zhang Xinyu, Yang Yanling, Gong Lei
Project location:Haiding district, Beijing
Gross Built Area (square meters):723㎡
Materials used in the project:Perforated aluminum plate, woven carpet, wood veneer, artificial stone
Photographer:Lu Fei, Ren enbin


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