传承 Heritage 

在MIRACLE LAND 迈岚精品酒店中,有一栋60多年历史的老木房子,虽然不是什么著名保护建筑,但是对于快速发展的浙北山村,这些老屋就是正在消失中的遗产,如果能够选择性的修护利用,就是留下了具有代表性的文化和历史印记。建筑师希望这个建筑改造后,既能看见过去,也能感受创新,并能够融入周边的环境。
 In MIRACLE LAND boutique hotel, there is an old wooden house with a history of more than 60 years. Although it is not a famous conservation building, these old houses are disappearing heritage for the rapidly developing northern Zhejiang village. If they can be selectively renovated and utilized, they will leave a representative cultural and historical mark. Architect hope that after the renovation of this building, people can see the past, feel the innovation and integrate into the surrounding environment.

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Project is located in the Zhejiang mountains, more than 700 meters above sea level, with thick snow in winter,  the natural environment is more like the alpine village. Therefore, when the roof was repaired, a 1:1 steep slope was adopted to adapt to the climate here. At the same time, they cut off the top of the roof ridge and lowered the height again to reduce the impact on the peripheral vision. In addition, it obtained a roof ridge maintenance channel, which can even be used for climbing to watch birds. At the end of the roof ridge is the fireplace chimney, in winter, people will light the fire, ready to meet the heaviest snow in south.
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老屋的尊严 The dignity of the old house 


Architects take the old wooden house as a living life to transform, let him have dignity, so they try to make its structure become the real meaning of the structure and not just decoration. In the project, the entire wooden structure was elevated and the foundation was strengthened. The above-ground part is strengthened with new steel cage column, which supports the position of the coaxial line of the log structure, rather than building another one off the original axis, giving full play to the complementary structural and aesthetic advantages of steel and wood. In the interior, the secondary old wooden structure is retained as the fixed function of the partition wall as far as possible. The old house is like an old man who has gone through wind and rain. He has acquired a new pair of young bones and can take on a new mission.The use of old wood, on the one hand to reduce the transport and waste of wood, on the other hand to reduce the use of adhesives and other chemicals. In addition to the replacement from repairing houses, all kinds of old wood were also added in the near the old timber market, due to the material use, such as: solid cedar wood railing, nice texture old cassia for lounge,  red maple and white maple for table plate, moderate strains wood for making cabinet, old fir wood door  for transformed to be new door, resistance to deformation resisting old elm for heat preservation of steel column, and so on. Although old wood has a lot of blemish and the difficulty on processing, but those natural chromatic aberration, the crack of time, function carve… Let a person feel the truth and story of wood.

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天荒地老的爱,海枯石烂的墙Mark the everlasting love with the sea stone 



Due to transportation difficulties, construction must be “low-carbon construction” from the beginning — local materials. Designers and workers digger out the stone s and classified them: large for landscape, medium for foundation, small for cushion, square shape for wall, circle shape for decoration.The circular stone excavated proves that the orogenic movement turned this place from river and sea into a big mountain. Architects choose fruity stone material, mixed them in the wall and masonry them to be window frame. By showing these everlasting stone when thousands years have passed to commemorate and bless the love.

The old wall had been cemented together with local stones and mud. After dozens of experiments with local workers, the designer finally strengthened the stone walls with a reliable cement mortar formula, and retained the original stone mechanism to the maximum. The stone feels like being buried in snow, making people feel warm.

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Lighting and furniture 

是金叶飞舞的古银杏树林带我们发现这个美丽的地方,因此设计中把银杏的主题融入到灯具和家具中去,希望吧这份幸运能够传递到每个空间中去。这些用手工打造的全铜定制灯具和家具,采用了一些独特的曲线,展现了东方审美中的优雅和自然。It is the ancient ginkgo trees with flying golden leaves that lead us to find this beautiful place. Therefore, in the design, the theme of ginkgo is integrated into lamps and furniture. I hope this luck can be transferred to every space. These hand-made copper lamps and furniture, with some unique curves,  show the elegance and unrestrained art of the Oriental aesthetic.

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项目名称/Checklist:安吉迈岚度假酒店/MIRACLELAND HOTEL设计公司/Design:瑞实.国际建筑设计有限公司/RIZ

完成年份/Design year:2017年底/The end of 2017

主创设计/Leader designer:许轶/Ian

项目地址/Project location:安吉县天荒坪镇大溪村曹家坞45号 ,古银杏树下/Caojiawu, Tianliaoping Town, Anji County, 45, under the ancient ginkgo tree

建筑面积/Gross Built Area:1000㎡

摄影版权/Photo credits:许轶/Ian

客户/Clients:安吉迈岚酒店有限公司/MIRACLELAND HOTEL

品牌/Brands:酒店设计师原创家具和灯具、KOHELR/Hotel designer’s original furniture and lamps、KOHELR


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